September 27, 2018
TPepin’s Hospitality Centre
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Steak ‘n’ Burger was started over 50 years ago in Memphis, TN and has become an event celebrated in Boys & Girls Clubs across the country. The concept was simple: while adults dined on burgers, youth feasted on steaks! Over the past 36 years and through the generosity of Outback Steakhouse, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay has celebrated Steak Dinner, raising more than $5 million for youth served in our Clubs.Steak Dinner is an opportunity for every guest, including donors, community partners and volunteers, to meet and hear from the direct beneficiaries of their efforts – our Club Members.

Youth sit at every table and are given the chance to share their stories of how the Boys & Girls Clubs has had a positive impact on their lives and what the Club means to them.

The event includes a delicious dinner, chance and live auctions, talent showcase, and loads of fun for everyone involved.