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Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is an association of friends of Boys & Girls Clubs of America from all across the country.

Like you, these people seek to ensure that the future needs of our nation’s youth are met by including Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay in their estate plans. This planning might include a will, charitable gift annuity, a trust arrangement, a real estate gift or a life insurance policy.

When you are thinking about ways to help us build Great Futures, you shouldn’t feel like you are choosing between your philanthropic goals and financial security. A planned gift will provide vital support for our organization as well as immediate or deferred tax benefits for you and your family. There are many options to choose from that will not only secure your investment in our young people but also provide beneficial returns to you and your loved ones. Your planned gift has the potential to influence the well-being of others far into the future. Start today to give tomorrow.

When you join The Heritage Club, Boys & Girls Clubs of America will thank you by providing you with:


A publication on tax and estate planning.


A personalized Heritage Club recognition plaque (optional). 


A lapel pin that indicates leadership in the mission to guarantee a strong future for our children.


Quarterly publications that let you know how your support is helping to change young lives.

Joining the Heritage Club is easy! Simply communicate your intentions by printing, signing and returning our enrollment form (Hyperlink Doc). For more information, you may download The Heritage Club brochure. For assistance, you may request that a planned giving representative contact you to discuss your specific estate planning needs and opportunities by contacting Glenn Permuy at

Heritage Club Members

Dorothy Adams

Dennis & Doris Alvarez

Jack & Cindy Amor

Anonymous (4)

Bob Basham

Bill Beekley

Rachelle & Mike Bedke

Kathleen Barcena Betancourt

Larry & Donna Bevis

Bob Blanchard

Karl Brandes

Simon & Dina Canasi

Joe Capitano Sr.

Trudy Carey

Anne & Mike Carney

David Carr

Ernest Carrera

Thomas and Carol Castellano

Judge Don Castor*

Bill Lewis & Kathy Castor

Chad Chronister

Tammy & Bernard Clark Jr

Todd Cole

Steve III & Audra Cona

Jeffrey Cox

Nicole DeBartolo

* Leo & Elaine Diaz

Mark K & Louise F Donohue

Lynn Dumais

Matt Dumar

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Fraga

Kym & Ricky Gallon and Family

Leon Gallon Family

* Ernest ‘’Cookie’’ Garcia

* Joe & Anne Garcia

* Luis & Mary Garcia

Mario and Ivis Garcia

Sheriff David Gee

Ralph C. Ghioto Jr

Ralph C. Ghioto III

Julio Giovinco

Eddie Gomez

Steve & Janzie Gonzalez

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M Gonzalez

Todd Green

Holly Grogan

Sam and Laurice Hachem

Keith Harris

Don & Crystal Hassee

Greg & Kam Hearing

Martin & Heidi Hernandez

Daniel & Arlene Hevia

Jamie Holcomb

Vic Holcomb

Julie Holt

Scott Jacobsen
Marc & Lisa Jacobson

Xena & Jason Jenkins

Thaddeus O. Jenkins Family

David Johnson & Deborah Pazo Johnson

Elizabeth & Jimmy Kalamaras

Chris Kale Sr.

Valerie & William Kendall

Shelley Kolseth

Ralph Lavendera Jr.

Chris & Joy Leto

Chris & Dajuliet Letsos

George Levy *

David & Kim Lewis

George Wesley Lewis

Lester L. Lewis

Jose and Lido Llaneza

Lori Liburdi

Ian A. Mackechnie

Lori & Phil Malcolm

Tye Maner

Fred McClure

Eugene McDonald

John McGee

Carlos Menendez

Ralph Menendez

Karen and Earl Mincey

Raymond Morganti

Paddy Moses

Bill Palmisano

Fred Paulke

Frank Permuy Jr.*

Glenn Permuy

Glenn Permuy Jr

Joe & Jean Perez

Matt & Trish Pierson

William F. Poe Jr

Cedric Powell

Frances J & Jerome T Provenzano

Dalia & John F. Rañon

Marlene Rasmussen

Robert Read Sr.

Linda Read

Nick & Melanie Reader

Roger Robson

Armando Roche

Larry Rodriguez

Chris & Anita Roederer

John J. Ryals

Judge EJ & Elsa Salcines

Andy Joe Scaglione

Kurt & Kara Schafer

Dr. Kevin Scott

Casey Shear

L. David Shear *

Diane Shear

Martin L. Shine

George & Sandy Simmons and Family

Don & Cheryl Smith

Henry “Hank” Smith

Hubert Smith

Garry Smith*

Delilah Solomon

Richard & Norma Someillan

Mike Sparkman

Marc & Loreen Spencer

Angelie H. Spurling

Leroy Staley

Curtis & Katrina Stokes

Dick & Raymetta Stowers

Lynette & Frank * Suszynski

Nick Suszynski

Robert & Eileen Thompson

Joe Tomaino and Family

Holly Tomlin

John Tomlin

Eddy “Nano” & Debbie Trujillo

John and Sheryl Trujillo

TSI Adjusters/Joanna Farris

Herman & Betty Valdes

Vinik Family Foundation

Tedd Webb (Henry Ruiz)

Bobby and Lynda Wilds

Florrie Willis

Bill Winters

Steve Yerrid – The Yerrid Foundation

Charles & Jennifer Yingling

Frank & Krista Yurchak

*Deceased. For more information, please contact Elisa Jackson at 813.769.7528 or

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