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Think Big For Kids

Think Big for Kids helps underprivileged youth discover their untapped potential by bringing them highly structured education, mentorship and career path development. The premier teen initiative of Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, our aim is to introduce students ages 12-18 to exciting career opportunities and assist them in achieving post-graduation goals for employment.

Think Big for Kids partners with like-minded organizations representing diverse industries to reduce systemic poverty and prepare kids to excel in high-demand professions of the future workforce.




We Believe Every Kid Has Untapped Potential

But every kid needs guidance in discovering that potential. Think Big for Kidsworks with students from low-income households who are often overlooked and under-challenged. As a result, many may never clib above the poverty line. They take low-wage jobs with very little chances for career advancement. We want to stop that trend by helping kids find their passion and transform into self-sufficient, successful adults through a long-term connection with Boys & Girls Clubs.

Approximately 40% Of The 5,400 Kids Served Through The 18 Boys & Girls Clubs Sites Across Hillsborough And Pasco Counties Are Teens.

Think Big For Kids Aims To Help 2,000 Underprivileged Teens Become Workforce-Ready By 2022.

Did You Know?

Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay has a 98% high school graduation rate compared to less than 70% of their peers from low-income households.

Middle School
Think Big for Kids offers personalized career affinity assessments and mapping as well as educational planning beginning in middle school, at an age when dreams often give way to societal pressures. In addition to field trips that bring kids on site, partner companies deliver interactive monthly showcases at the clubs designed to expose teens to a variety of professions.

High School
Once teens reach high school, they are paired with a mentor to help them select the right courses, stay on track and make an education and career plan for post-graduation. Partner companies offer internships and will commit to providing job opportunities.

Our partner organizations will stay with the kids throughout the completion of on-the-job training, trade school, two-year or a four-year degree and either hire or help them obtain jobs at the end of their educational journey.

Boys & Girls Clubs Teens Want Our Help

63% Committed to staying highly engaged atthe Clubs between 2-5 days per week if we offer tutoring and assistance with SAT and ACT prep.

76% Want an adult mentor, peer-to-peer counseling and assistance with applying to college and entry-level job opportunities.

85% Are committed to staying with our clubs betweentwo and five days per week if we offer interest-based job readiness career opportunities.

A Win-Win For Employees

Statistics show we will lose as many workers as we add over the next 15 years. Sluggish population growth and the exodus of the Baby Boomer generation from the workplace will make finding enough good talent to plan for innovation and growth exponentially more challenging for employers.

Our partners have the opportunity to not only give back to at-risk kids but also secure their future workforce: a win-win for employers and Boys & Girls of Tampa Bay teens

Think Big for Kids Partners and Volunteers represent these Tampa Bay organizations: